The SouthEastern North Dakota Community Action Agency is a sponsoring organization of the USDA Child Adult Care Food Program in North Dakota. The goal of the Child Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is to assist in providing nutritious meals and snacks for children (birth through age 12) in family child care homes.

Participating on the CACFP will give you the tools to help the children enrolled develop healthy eating habits. The SENDCAA CACFP services the counties in the eastern part of the state, including: Cass, Grand Forks, Nelson, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele, Traill, Barnes, Lamoure, Dickey, Griggs, Eddy, Wells, Ramsey, Cavalier, Pembina, and Walsh counties, serving approximately 330 providers and  2,500 children on a daily basis. 


From a CACFP Provider:

"Not only have you provided me with good, healthy, nutritional information, but you have also been a great source of strength and support for my program. ... It gave me an extra professional boost! Thanks for the encouragement and support."

Benefits to Child Care Providers

  • Providers receive a monthly cash reimbursement check to help defray the costs of approved meals and snacks they serve. 
  • Available to all licensed or self certified family child care providers at no charge.
  • Monthly nutrition education, training, and information through publications and seminars.
  • Qualified nutrition educators on staff to assist providers with menu planning and to answer questions.

Benefits to Parents

  • Parents can be confident that their children are being well nourished while away from home.
  • Parents who select providers who participate with the SENDCAA Child & Adult Care Food Program will not be charged an additional fee for food.

Benefits to Children

  • Children receive nutritious meals and snacks, which help ensure proper child development and growth.
  • Children learn a lifetime of healthy eating habits through example, by being offered a variety of foods and by having the opportunity to participate in food related activities.

Child Adult Care Food Program

       At-Home Training

Click the picture to download and print your at-home training packet. This training packet has two quizzes that are worth 1 clock hour of training each. Read through the packet and also use your 2016 calendar to answer the quiz questions. Send your completed quiz to our office by scanning and emailing, mailing, or drop it off at our office. We will mail out certificates monthly.
This training packet is Growing Futures approved.