School Readiness Goals

At Head Start we strive to prepare our children for kindergarten by adhering to the following goals:

Social and Emotional Development

Chidren will:

  • Regulate their own feelings and behaviors.
  • Establish and sustain positive relationships.
  • Participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations.
  • Approach the world with a sense of trust and emotional security.

Approaches to Learning

Chidren will:

  • Demonstrate positive approaches to learning.
  • Express themselves creatively.
  • Show initiative and curiosity.
  • Attend, engage and persist.

Language and Literacy

Chidren will:

  • Use language to express thoughts and needs.
  • Demonstrate phonological awareness.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the alphabet.
  • Acquire language and the ability to communicate.

Cognition and General Knowledge

Children will:

  • Use number concepts and operations.
  • Explore and describe spatial relationships and shapes.
  • Develop new skills, knowledge and the ability to acquire and process new information through play and interaction with others and the environment.

Physical Development and Health

Children will

  • Demonstrate gross-motor manipulative skills.
  • Demonstrate fine-motor strength and coordination.
  • Promote health and well-being.