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From a SENDCAA Parent Survey:

"My child has grown so much and I owe you a big thank you"!

Our Curriculum

SENDCAA Child Care is focused on providing affordable, quality, stimulating childcare for preschoolers to help them become developmentally ready for Kindergarten. We use an online curriculum program called Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum® helps plan and implement a developmentally appropriate program that promotes children's social-emotional development and learning in the core areas of literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Our licensed, certified teachers create daily lesson plans with age-appropriate activities that focus on expanding the growth of each child’s skills. The activity centers at our child care center provide opportunities for your child to grow and develop through exploration and experimentation. 

Skills such as self-confidence and self-expression are taught when a teacher provides a child with alone time during an activity. This time allows your child to think independently and play on their own time. Each activity used at SENDCAA Child Care Center is used to improve and expand your child’s ability to think, reason, and communicate with others.

Areas of Play

  • Outdoor Play develops physical growth and releases extra energy. Our child care center has an outdoor playground and play area where staff are able to supervise outdoor play and lead children in organized games and activities.
  • Dramatic Play encourages children to explore, use their imaginations, learn about their surroundings, and play with other children to develop group skills. This area is filled with props and costumes to help your child become inspired through creative and imaginative play.
  • Fine Motor Play includes games, puzzles, and other hands-on activities designed to focus on small muscle movements, like picking up sand with your fingers or cutting out a shape from construction paper.
  • Block Play is designed to develop large motor skills, such as moving a block from the floor to a shelf or table.
  • Science Play is where children learn to explore, observe and ask questions.



We hope that with the various learning materials and activities provided through The Creative Curriculum®, your child will be prepared to enter Kindergarten with confidence.