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School Readiness Goals

Approaches to Learning
  • Children will learn and follow classroom rules, routines and directions.
  • Children will use strategies to handle strong emotions (e.g. like seeking an adult, removing self, deep breaths).
Social and Emotional Development
  • Children will display levels of emotions and behaviors that are appropriate.
  • Children will engage in positive relationships with adults and children.
Language and Literacy
  • Children will demonstrate receptive and expressive language skills and communication.
  • Children will demonstrate knowledge of the alphabet.
Cognition and General Knowledge
  • Children will use math concepts (numbers & shapes) during daily routines and experiences.
  • Children will use observations and manipulation to ask questions/make predictions to better understand information.
Perceptual, Motor and Physical Development
  • Children will demonstrate control of small muscles for self-care, using utensils, building and writing.
  • Children will learn/use safe, healthy behaviors.