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Cass County Request for Housing Assistance

1.   Households seeking security deposits, rent, or utility assistance must CALL 211.  Clay County residents can call Lakes and Prairies (CAPLP) at (218) 512-1550.

2.   You will be asked to provider your name and contact information. You will be asked for permission to be contacted by someone from SENDCAA, CAPLP, Salvation Army or PPiH. These agencies are working collaboratively to assist households in applying for deposit, rent, or utility assistance.

4.   Your application will be screened on the Thursday following initial application. Screenings are conducted by a committee from SENDCAA, CAPLP, Salvation Army, and PPiH.

5.   Applications that are selected for assistance will receive a call from SENDCAA, CAPLP, Salvation Army or PPIH to conduct an intake and determine the next steps required to receive assistance. This call will typically occur on a Friday, Monday, or Tuesday.

6.   Households that cannot be assisted will receive a letter in the mail explaining why assistance was unavailable and provide suggestions of other actions that can be taken to mitigate the housing crisis. Please know that less than 15% of all applications receive assistance.